User Guide

Plastic User Guide describes the Graphical Interface and the steps to create, edit and share your Plastic animations.


Tips and Tricks

1. Use video as background

Create a video with your iPad and use it as background for your animation. It is possible to easily mix a real video with cartoons and create amazing animations!


2. Animate more characters

Animate a subject, export your animation and use the video as background for another animation. With this trick you can add as many characters as you want!


3. Camera Pan Background

Import a background, create a skeleton with just one node. Animate the image position. Export the video and use it as background for your subject animation.


4. Animate Hanging objects

Place the parent node on the designated anchor point to handle correctly the swings and, eventually, the extension that you want to apply on the rope.

5. Overlapping Areas

Choose whether a part of the subject is in front or behind modifying the skeleton nodes Stacking Order. A node is on top of another node if its number is bigger.






About Us

Digital Video S.p.A., the R&D Company of Toonz, is based in Rome, Italy.
Digital Video has made the development of the Toonz software package its mission, and Toonz has become a world leader in cartoon animation applications.
Digital Video also develops a product line for web animation and broadcast, the TAB, the line includes a Kids version, the TAB Kids.
Further to Toonz and the TAB, Digital Video has developed other products for the animation industry: LineTest that offers a low cost solution for pencil testing and Story Planner, a powerful yet easy to use solution for sketching storyboards.